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Our Singular vision is to be No.1 Exporter of Incense and Spread the RANGSONS Eco Concepts to as many Countries as Possible.


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Made from Naturally fallen Eco-friendly Leaf Plates

Sustainability of a product starts from where the raw materials are sourced and how it is processed for manufacturing the product. Using fallen leaves as our raw material makes us one of the few companies to use 100% renewable resources. No trees are ever cut to make Eleafplates® Eco-Dinnerware.

  • Energy Impact

    Eleafplates® Eco-Dinnerware does not need commercial composting facility, can be naturally composted. It saves energy costs and its impact associated with commercial composting and when you compost in-house, you save on garbage disposal expenses and compost expenses. You also divert the organic waste going to land fills which might contribute to greenhouse gases.

  • Backyard Compostable

    Eleafplates® Eco-Dinnerware is made from fallen leaves, nothing else. It does not need commercial composting, you can just compost in your backyard. When composted, Eleafplates® Eco-Dinnerware releases nutrients into the soil.

  • Eco-friendly

    Eleafplates® Eco-Dinnerware, it is part of living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Our product comes from Earth, shaped and used as a dinnerware and goes back to Earth. We are passionate about helping the environment and Eleafplates® Eco-Dinnerware enables us to achieve that and makes all of us to live better, smarter and mindful.It’s more than using Eleafplates® Eco-Dinnerware; it’s a way of life.

  • Natural

    Totally natural, Eleafplates® Eco-Dinnerware is made from fallen leaves, nothing else. Water is used to clean the leaves, heat and steam is used to shape into elegant Eleafplates® Eco-Dinnerware. No chemicals, dyes or wax is used in the entire process.

RANGSONS Eco Concepts invests heavily on its people and R & D and that has been one of the factors why its range of products is matchless. It has a team of highly experienced perfumers and a labour force that is highly skilled in hand rolling quality incense. Our export capacity is a reason as to why our customers would’t look elsewhere.

Rangsons Enterprises, a highly respected name with  5 Star rating awarded by MOP & NG, Govt. of India